CM Technologies is an advanced fuel technology group that designs state of the art all-in-one fuel additives. Our technology offers clients a highly concentrated custom-made formula specifically designed to their needs.

Deposit Control • Engine Performance • Lubricity • Anti Corrosion • Fuel Stability • Water Control • Improve Fuel Consumption • Increase Cetane • Increase Octane • Reduce Toxic Emissions • Reduce Particulate Matter
Our Research & Development (R&D) team is dedicated to the needs of our environment. With experts with doctorates, master degrees, and engineering degrees; the team is engaged in developing, innovating, and refining products and solutions using a top-notch fuel technology.
Our fuel technology is based on compound catalysis derived from bio-based ingredients and specialty improvers, leading to the highest fuel saving and GHG emission reduction confirmed by the SAE J1321 Type II (2012) test protocol performed by PIT (Performance Innovation of Transport). We have obtained the highest certification out of all the technologies tested by them, proving our superior quality.

We can formulate either a single-task or a multi-task additive/fuel according to our client’s requirements while respecting any countries’ fuel standard.