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FCS Fuel Max Best additives are used for a wide variety of purposes. Among applicable areas are:

  • Engine and fuel delivery system cleanliness and performance
  • Fuel handling
  • Fuel stability
  • Corrosion control
  • Contaminant control

FCS Fuel Max Best improves fuel properties like cetane number (diesel) Octane number (gasoline), low-temperature operability, stability, corrosion inhibition properties, lubricity, detergency, and heating value.

FCS Fuels Max Best follows the standards and guidelines of the National Conference on Weight and Measures (NCWM), the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA), and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM).

FCS Fuels Max Best Premium Fuel

  • Cetane improver (diesel)
  • Octane improver (gasoline)
  • Strong Fuel Detergent
  • Anti-Adhesion compound
  • Rust & corrosion inhibitor
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Cold flow improver
  • Demulsifier
  • Biocide
  • Dramatically reduces Particles & GHG

Typical Premium Fuel

  • Mild Fuel Detergent -or-
  • Cold flow improver

FCS Fuel Max Best - FCS-27

Steve Lett explains the final results, “Once all data was compiled it was determined that the FSC-27 Diesel Fuel Additive improved fuel economy by 11 percent on a constant speed, constant load application such as power generation.

Transportation, Northern Star

 Dramatically increases MPG
(5.2% based on SAE J1321 Type 2 protocol)

 Boosts cetane

 Improves HP & torque

 Reduces engine knocking

 Corrosion inhibitor

 Increases lubricity

 Eliminates buildup on injection system

 Enhanced engine life

 Fuel Stabilizer

 Regular to Premium

Reduces toxic emissions

  •   CO2
  •   HC, CO, PM & NOX
  •   Improves combustion

We have achieved the highest certification ever awarded by the Performance Innovation of Transport (LEVEL 5) in Fuel improvement.

Also According to PIT,  our technology is able to reduce GHG Emissions by 8.686 MT/Truck/Year which is equivalent to 15% of EPA estimate of annual emission of a heavy truck.

Proven Results

Out of more than 170 technologies, only 2 have ever been certified by the Performance Innovation of Transport:
   Shell Diesel Extra as Level 2 and FSC-27 as Level 5.
• Reduces GHG emissions by (15%) 8.686MT/TRUCK/YEAR (PIT)
9-12% fuel savings by a number of top 100 transportation companies in real-world testing
• Reduces regeneration process by 20-25%, decreasing driver downtime
Results from the Beijing Transport & Environment Centre & Beijing Commission of Transport. We achieved the following reduction of emissions when FCS®27 was added to Diesel Fuel.

• 14.52% CO2
• 25.66% CO
• 12.09% NOx


What does it do?

The FCS Fuel Max Best- FCS-28 dramatically reduces fuel consumption, its strong detergency properties clean the injection system and prevent carbon build up. Increases fuel lubricity, inhibits corrosion & controls water in the tank. All of this while reducing harmful emissions.

Reduces toxic emissions

  •  CO2
  •  HCO, CO, PM & NOX
  •  Improves combustion

 Dramatically reduces fuel consumption

 Increases Octane

 Increases lubricity

 Cold flow improver

 Corrosion inhibitor

 Prevents injection system buildup

 Very strong fuel detergent

Enhanced engine life

 Controls water in the tank

 Ethanol (E10) compatible

 Reduces knock and ping

 Regular to Premium

Results from the Beijing Transport & Environment Centre & Beijing Commission of Transport. We achieved the following reduction of emissions when FCS®28 was added to Gasoline

• 7.73% CO2
• 37.65% CO
33.73% NOx

  • CO2
  • CO
  • NOX