Top Quality and Performance. Out products have been tested by some of the industry's most strigent protocols to measure the exact performance of our technology.

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We are able to address manufacturing deficiencies and modify/  enhance the physical properties of our treated fuels



We can adapt and create tailor-made formulations in accordance with our client's requirements while respecting any country's fuel standard



FCS Fuel Max Best allows independent refineries, fuel distributtors & gas station owners to offer a true premium quality fuel.


Our products have achieved outstanding reduction of fuel consumption. The FCS Fuel Max Best-27 has achieved the highest rating ever awarded by PIT under the SAE J1321 Type II (2012) protocol.

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PIT Group

 We have achieved the highest certification ever awarded by the Performance Innovation of Transport (LEVEL 5) in Fuel improvement.

Also According to PIT,  our technology is able to reduce GHG Emissions by 8.686 MT/Truck/Year which is equivalent to 15% of EPA estimate of annual emission of a heavy truck.

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 Characteristics of FCS Fuel Max Best Series

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FCS Fuel Max Best additives are used for a wide variety of purposes. Among applicable areas are:

Engine and fuel delivery system cleanliness and performance

Fuel handling

→ Fuel stability

Corrosion control

Contaminant control

FCS Fuel Max Best improves fuel properties like cetane number (diesel) Octane number (gasoline), low-temperature operability, stability, corrosion inhibition properties, lubricity, detergency, and heating value.

FCS Fuels Max Best follows the standards and guidelines of the National Conference on Weight and Measures (NCWM), the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA), and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM).

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FCS Fuels Max Best Premium Fuel

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Cetane improver (diesel)

 Octane improver (gasoline)

 Strong Fuel Detergent

 Anti-Adhesion compound

 Rust & corrosion inhibitor

Fuel stabilizer

 Cold flow improver



 Dramatically reduces Particles & GHG

Typical Premium Fuel

  Mild Fuel Detergent -or-

 √ Cold flow improver

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Our products have been tested by some of the industry’s most stringent protocols to measure the exact performance of our technology. 

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FCS 28 Fuel Max Best- Additive for Gasoline
FCS 28 Fuel Max Best- Additive for Gasoline
FCS 27 Fuel Max Best- Additive for Diesel
FCS 27 Fuel Max Best- Additive for Diesel


BC Bioenergy Network

Mr. M.W; BC Bioenergy

« You are validating a technology that will reduce green-house gases on a very easy, simple-to-use, low cost platform and for implementation on an enormous scale, not only locally but globally. You will save your customers money with no up-front capital investment, a unique value proposition. As well, you will significantly reduce green-house emissions from transportation fuels.


Today sTrucking Today's Trucking

« A positive verification from PIT earns a product instant credibility among the many fleets that look to the organization for validation of potential fuel-saving products and techniques. The result obtained by the FCS-27 additive is superior to the performances shown by any other tested fuel additives.



CoreLab: Protechnics

« The financial benefits are the real push to add this program to our company. However, the environmental bonus is already enough incentive for Corelab



TruckNews James Menzies/ Truck News 

« The Performance Innovation of Transport (PIT) result obtained by the FCS-27 additive, 5.2 % fuel savings, is superior to the performances shown by other fuel additives on the market.


Today sTruckingThe Lockwood Report-Today's Trucking

« I should add that FCS 27 is not just for trucks. It also works in other vehicles, ships, trains, machinery , and generators across all industry- agriculture, construction oil and gas.